POSCO, the biggest steel producer in South Korea, POSCO’s steel products can be found in every corner of our

lives.POSCO Group and Jianglong Carbon signed a long-term contract for the supply of graphite electrode on September 29, 2019.At the signing ceremony,leaders from POSCO Group and Jianglong Carbon attended and had an in-depth and friendly discussion.

This is a historic moment,Jianglong won the recognition of customers with its product quality. Under long-term contract, Jianglong supply high-quality graphite electrode to POSCO Korea, POSCO Vietnam and POSCO CHINA. POSCO give high praise to Jianglogn after the use of the supplied graphite electrodes.

Long-term contract will help Jianglong obtain good repution and Chinese carbon industry and even in global carbon industry, and also attack attetion from other famous steel groups, which will enlarge production scale and become one of the top suppliers. Long-term contract can support POSCO Group get stable supply of graphite electrodes, especially during the period of tight supply, which can simplify the purchasing process, guarantee the production process and save cost.

This is bound to be a win-win contract and obviously acquire fruitful results. We believe both POSCO Group and Jianglong Carbon have a pleasant and prosperous cooperation.